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The Reading and Writing Project at Teachers College, Columbia University (RWP) tracks progress in our NYC schools using both state test scores and reading levels. This report reflects the data from our NYC schools, which include schools across the spectrum of demographics and geography. Our schools around the nation and globe also collect data, some of which is shared on our website in the section on case studies –most of which is easily available at school and district sites.

In the report, statistical data is shared from RWP schools in NYC (our largest and most transparent data pool). RWP works with thousands of highly performing classrooms and schools around the globe. We continue to be extremely interested in the data gathered from schools in our city, which we consider representative of the real challenges teachers and students face. This report reflects that data.

Overall, RWP schools outperform other schools across the city and state. RWP students in NYC schools outperformed other city schools by 11%. This means 11% more students in RWP schools were at or above standards on the state test in 2014.

When looking at how student scores improve with RWP implementation, the median student in RWP schools moves from a 19% likelihood of showing proficiency to a 30% chance of proficiency when adopting RWP. At the same time, the percentage of students who score well below proficient on the state ELA exam drops from 21% to 12% when the school adopts RWP.

RWP implementation improves performance within every grade level and it’s effective for all different kinds of learners.