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Central Office Staff

This is a team of people with diverse backgrounds including software development, finance, events and school administration. They provide a variety of behind-the-scenes leadership and infrastructure.

Beth Neville

Neville, Beth

Beth Neville, Associate Director at the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project, oversees technology, finances, and special projects, including AssessmentPro. Beth is the co-author of the DVD Resources for Primary Writing with Lucy Calkins.

Marisa Altamura

Altamura, Marisa

Marisa Altamura, Project Coordinator, provides logistical support for TCRWP events, including conference days, institutes, and special projects. Before joining the Project team, Marisa worked as a copywriter/editor and event manager in the non-profit arts and menswear industries.

Jose Baires

Baires, Jose

Jose Baires, Senior Software Engineer, brings over 15 years of Web/IT experience to TCRWP. Jose has worked for various non-profit institutions developing and maintaining websites and web applications. At the Project, Jose maintains the website and internal web applications. He holds a degree in Management from Embry-Riddle University.

Ana Bermudez

Bermudez, Ana

Ana Bermudez, Financial Coordinator, is responsible for finances: contracts, accounts payable and receivable, and for personnel issues. She is the financial liaison to NYC Department of Education, NYC and Suburban schools for Summer Institutes and Professional Development Services.

Lisa Cazzola

Cazzola, Lisa

Lisa Cazzola, Associate Director of Administration and Operations is responsible for logistical planning and operations of all events hosted by the Project. Working closely with the senior leadership team, she leads the Project coordinators in executing a brimming calendar of institutes, conferences, and Teachers College-wide events across the year. She is a liaison to all Teachers College departments.

Judith Chin

Chin, Judith

Judith Chin, Coordinator of Strategic Development, works closely with the director and senior leadership team to identify, prioritize and implement initiatives that facilitate medium and long–term growth strategies. As part of this, she develops strategic key resources by participating in national, state and city education work. Retired from New York City Department of Education after 35 years of service, Judith was a former supervising superintendent. Judith currently serves as a member of the New York State Board of Regents representing Judicial District XI - Queens.

Dara Finkel

Finkel, Dara

Dara Finkel, Project Coordinator, works closely with Laurie Pessah and provides administrative and logistical support in coordinating the Project's events, including the Saturday Reunions and Principals Conferences. Prior to joining the Project Dara worked in the Housewares industry, News, as a spatial organizer, and was a concert pianist. Dara is a graduate of Purchase College and is currently a student of puppetry.

Rebecca Godlewicz

Godlewicz, Rebecca

Rebecca Godlewicz, Associate Director of Administration and Operations, oversees and executes the Project's events, including the Saturday Reunions and Principals Conferences. Working closely with senior leaders, she also supports the Project's yearlong work in schools across New York City. Prior to joining the Project, Rebecca worked in city government. She is a graduate of Muhlenberg College.

Alexandrea Jackson

Jackson, Alexandrea

Alexandrea Jackson, assistant to the Reading Rescue Coordinator and Project Coordinator for TCRWP events team, provides support to the Reading Rescue literacy initiative and assists with the logistical planning and operations of Project events. Prior to joining the project, Alex worked on progressive political campaigns in New York City. She has a BA in Political Science from Lehigh University.

Suzanne Korn

Korn, Suzanne

Suzanne Korn, Project Coordinator, provides logistical support for the staff developers, office staff, and Project events. Prior to joining the Project, Suzanne worked in Higher Education. She is a graduate of The New School.

Timothy Lopez

Lopez, Timothy

Timothy Lopez, Technical Project Coordinator, provides AV and IT support for the office, the many TCRWP workshops, institutes and other special events. Timothy works with Project leaders and staff developers to manage TC logistics, produce video programs, develop new media, build web-based content, and mobilize web conferencing and distance learning.

Mary Ann Mustac

Mustac, Mary Ann

Mary Ann Mustac, Executive Assistant to the Founding Director, works on various projects for the TCRWP, including coordinating outside speakers, conference days, and work related to the Common Core State Standards. She is also a liaison to the Project and the Literacy Specialist students of Teachers College, and a student at Columbia University.

Kathy M Neville

Neville, Kathy M

Kathy Neville, Executive Administrator, is a coordinator for school based staff development. Kathy communicates with school and district leaders in order to assign staff developers to particular sites, matching talents and backgrounds to the needs of the school and district.

Gillian Osswald

Osswald, Gillian

Gillian Osswald, Project Coordinator, provides logistical support for the staff developers, office staff, and Project events. Prior to joining the Project, Gillian received a B.A. in English from Barnard College.