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Documents to Support Units of Study

The TCRWP is eager to support districts, schools and teachers who are implementing the Units of Study curriculum. In an effort to provide resources and updates, we have assembled videos and documents for your use. Our aim is always to support curriculum and instruction that is student-centered, responsive, and assessment based. When applicable, we’ll post updates about our resources and recommendations. For example, we’ve created suggested sequences of Units of Study for the 2016-17 school year that reflects our current thinking and new publications. We’re sharing two versions of a year long curriculum calendar – one for schools that are newer to Units of Study and another that is intended for schools who have been working with Units of Study for many years and are working directly with TCRWP staff developers.

Click here to download the document for schools that are newer to Units of Study.

Click here to download the document for schools that are experienced with Units of Study or are working directly with the TCRWP.

In addition, the TCRWP has condensed our latest thinking about the writing Units of Study that launch the year in brief documents we refer to as User’s Guides and Curricular Calendars. Sample versions of these documents are available here. Schools that partner with the TCRWP for staff development services throughout the year receive these documents for each Unit of Study.

Click below to download the documents.

Please feel free to contact us with your questions and be sure to join us on social media for additional support.