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Teacher-Led Study Groups

The TCRWP is eager to help schools make the best possible use of resources through the implementation of teacher-led study groups. In order to support schools in this effort, we are offering a roster of small interactive study groups in which a group of teachers from different schools will join together to plan professional development on various topics.

Most of these study groups will meet twice within 3 or 4 weeks, with the goal of planning school-based professional development. These study-groups will be capped at 22 participants, which will allow for more differentiation and will allow for lots of input from participants, role-playing, shared problem solving, demonstration, and so forth. Each group will produce a collection of texts, tools, tasks, insights and possible professional development plans. These plans will be designed with the intent of helping each member of the study group construct his or her own tailored-to-a-specific-school plan for a sequence of school based, after school study groups on the topic under study. Teacher leaders who attend these meetings will be expected to bring their curricular calendars, Units of Study books when appropriate, mentor texts, and other related teaching materials.

Please Note: These groups are only available in conjunction with our on-site staff development. To discuss your eligibility for future Specialty Groups, please write to us at contact@readingandwritingproject.com